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    Apr 2011

    Predicting the outcome of sports games get ipod, iphone, macbook, ps3 ... Free!

    introduce people to a site with "betting" sports, this gift accumulate points very well. Join us for fun nothing is lost but also the gifts to $ transferred to paypal, amazon card.
    If you are knowledgeable about sports is very good as well otherwise there will be no trouble to you, please read through this article.
    When you reach enough points to zing every home, they may be able to score to get through at any time Betterz!
    Betterz get $ $ where we have to pay for gifts? In its partners .. and ad dollars. Please refer to this site 4rum of his remarks that Betterz very prestigious. Ok so start it!
    First, you click the link below to register BeterZ, the free sports betting game

    Look to the right of the screen you see the Ready? Create your account

    you fill in the box below

    Email: enter your email

    Pass: password

    Copy the code: Type the correct characters in the image above
    click Validate my account
    Next is the exact type the full name, date of birth. This is necessary for the latter to receive your prize. Because the gift will be sent to your home.

    The check box and then click Accept Terms and Conditions

    click the Create your account

    Click Ranking
    You see the account rather than your Active, click on it to activate your account.

    Check mail, open mail BetterZ, copy the activation code and Active!
    Continue back Ranking

    You must verify your phone number, do the same, click Validate your cell phone number

    Enter your mobile cell phone directory, BetterZ will send SMS to your number together with an activation code.
    After completing two minor procedure that is unless you go back and start pages for the enthusiasm which BET

    You look at the top of the screen next to your login name.
    - You will get 10,000 BZsau when reg new ACC.

    - In the "HOME" in the right pane is where you will bet.
    Coming Soon is the upcoming battle, including all the sports that BetterZ to bet.
    If you then click on the professional Football Football, BetterZ will list all your football games you bet, and also similar to the tennis world.

    If you do not know how to bet, the team does pay attention when choosing the team you see the% of it. % Shown is the number of teams who have bet for him. If you bet more hands went straight home. Here you can choose to win, lose or air.

    Select the match -> predict which team wins, that team YES, that athlete-> set stakes -> Clik Place my bet -> Done.
    BZ and awaiting results next bet.
    - All you need to complete the personal information for later Beterz whereby you send a gift
    - The result of your bet will be BetterZ reply to your inbox.

    - You can earn a lot of BZ, in the section near the top get more of her. Choose something free here
    Complete task and get for free
    usually catch it if you download and install the proper requirements will be added to the BZ, respectively.

    - Under Invite someone you get your ref link to introduce people to participate. Plus you are registered for each new 10000bz through your ref link.
    Sign up now that BeterZ, the free sports betting game

    Thanks you support

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    Mar 2011
    Viet Nam
    This site is really good. If you don't have money even though you're into betting, you can go to this site and try to win some money. I've tried this site, but I've lost all my points and now, it's been restored to 10000 points like before.

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    May 2011
    waow it cool you can bet even without ever making a deposit sound like another unique feature.but what i dont understand is if you lose all your will you get points to start predicting matches again



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