why yougid

Because every day I get a fixed income - 1% of their contribution, regardless of external factors. Even on weekends, why waste time because time -money.

highest level of protection of my account, I've got used to it and mistrustful attitude to third-party companies, my choice Yougid!

variety of payment systems could surprise even to me. There is no use of exchange offices in order to open a deposit in the company Yougid.

Because investing through Yougid I always worry about their money, and my income is under control, I never "lose" such as the Forex market or in poker. Let me working professionals.

Yougid - for me it as "Internet Banking", let my money work daily, and when they need me I will be able at any moment to withdraw at the same time I step up their savings.

Because Yougid is not only my choice, but the choice of people from around the globe, so the site provides several interface languages

For you we have created a user-friendly management system "Yougid Manager" through which no specific skills can manage your account.
Favorable and safest cooperation surprise anyone, we do not hold your money as many other companies, you have the right to withdraw your deposit the next day after its placement, the funds thus always under your control.
No weekends and holidays, accrual of dividends on a daily basis, by 1% per day. There is also an opportunity to establish a limit on reinvestment of profits which will be included in your deposit without your participation, so with every passing day, the dividends will grow.
For ease of removal of dividends, we will relieve you of the minimum and maximum amount of exemptions and deadlines.
In your choice of 4 and 6 English-speaking Russian payment systems.

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