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For more than 5 years, Bullish Trade has been a leader in Forex Investment. A leader in technology, a leader in customer service and a leader in value. We started new online Forex investment. And successfully growing day by day, Bullish Trade is an online Forex broker that specializes in providing an all-inclusive trading package backed by a caring and devoted support team. Bullish Trade was founded by a group of retail-ended entrepreneurs and capital market dealers sharing a vision for creating a customer-oriented brokerage service that would provide a compelling trading solution. Bullish Trade strives toward creating the most professional and transparent trading environment possible.
Deposit : 25$ - 499$
Interest: 3%
Principal back

Deposit : 500$ - 4999$
Interest :4%
Principal back

Deposit : 5000$+
Interest : 5%
Principal back

Accept: Liberty Reserve

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