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    UIA -

    UIA is the world’s leading mobile money company and the issuer of Earth’s default one world currency with circulation in 204 countries worldwide. As part of UIA’s global strategy to distribute its one world currency to the human population, it has activated five billion connected mobile phones with a UIA account each that has a start up capital of $500,000 per for the user to invest, trade or spend without having to repay it.

    Anyone can start using one world currency by simply initiating a mobile money transfer of any sum to any mobile number. To initiate a transfer, you will have to type the text message “Transfer $100 to 61488116688” for example with you deciding on the amount and mobile number in international format. Then send the text message to UIA on +381640880767. As soon as that happens, you will receive a text message confirming your transfer with a transaction ID showing your account balance. The recipient of the money will also receive a text message confirming receipt of funds.

    To validate ownership of your one world currency, you must complete a free registration process online at UIA and provide your referral’s mobile number which is 015203846928. As a registered agent, you will also have access to additional benefits such as the ability to make money, send money requests, borrow money and obtain unlimited finance for land purchases.

    UIA is providing support, updates and general informations for members in its own support forum on Linkedln:

    Visit us:
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